Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Red Planet Prize 2010...

There, now... That got your attention, didn't it...

Apparently the 2010 Prize will be announced in the next 4 weeks on their website. Dominic Carver has got a bit more information on his blog (http://doms-world.blogspot.com/). There you go. A bit of a heads up. Go and say thank you nicely to the man. DO NOT start bombarding RP with emails...

So, will they be looking for another first ep of a series again? Who's gonna go for it?


  1. Oh blimey, does this mean I need to dust out the old script again? What is it with Red Planet, there's this kind irresistible urge to enter, eh?

  2. Errr... could it be the prize...?

    Get dusting!