Wednesday, 5 May 2010

"Could we have the drama... without the conflict?"

Hi All!

If you haven't read this already (and thanks to Mr Rob Eveleigh for the heads up), there is a wonderful and informative article from Sunday's Observer on David Simon (creator of The Wire) about his new post-Katrina New Orleans show, Treme. The article, here, is full of insight into the writing process on a US show, showrunning, television politics and other great stuff. Don't worry if you don't know The Wire. I, for my sins, have never seen an episode. It's a great article anyway for any writer interested in television. My favourite bit is this:

"The most memorable note Overmyer ever received was from an executive very high up at a network. "She said, 'They're being so unpleasant with each other.' And I said, 'Well, that's drama. That's conflict.' And she actually said, 'Could we have the drama… without the conflict?'"

You couldn't make it up...

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