Thursday, 3 June 2010

Red Planet Prize 2010 Announcement.... Update...

So, it's finally arrived...

The Red Planet Prize 2010 launches tomorrow - 4th June.

This year the competition is being run by Red Planet Pictures and Kudos Film and Television.
This year’s competition is for an original 60 minute television script, either a single play or a pilot for a new series.
You are initially required to submit the first ten pages along with a short synopsis. The full script should be available on request, you may be required to submit this within a month of the final closing date.

As before, the winner will receive £5000, a script commission and the option of representation if required.
Red Planet and Kudos will also mentor finalists for the Prize.The competition is open to anyone within the UK. The RED PLANET PRIZE with close to new entrants at midnight on 31st July.

Here's the link:

There is also some additional info and rules here

which is where you can also upload your entry.


There you go.

Who's going for it, then?


Couple if things which people have asked about, are talking about, don't seem to have noticed in the rules. As far as I can work out...

1. Only ONE submission per person.

2. You can't re-submit something that has already been rejected in previous years.

3. I could of course be wrong, but the's what the rules says from what I sees.

I have nothing more to add.


  1. Damn, only two months - I've got so much else to do.

    Oh well it focusses the mind so I just need to do the page 1 rewrite on my detective series.


  2. Yeah, I'm not sure I want to start something from scratch. I've got something else (not suitable - 90mins feature) that I'm finishing off and I don't want to put it on hold. On the other hand, I'm not sure if I want to go back and re-work something at the moment. I feel as if I've moved on from some of those old scripts. Mmmm... got to have some serious chin scratching...

  3. Do you know if multiple entries are allowed? Or even one sole written piece and one co-written piece (hint hint)?


  4. Multiple entries are NOT allowed (it says so in the Terms and Conditions, which you can only see if you go through the submission process putting in dummy information.

    I've just emailed them to ask if it's possible to send a co-written and individual pieces. I'll let you know.

  5. They have clarified the situation on their site.

    "If you have submitted a joint entry you are also permitted to enter once individually, multiple entries from an individual will result in disqualification"

  6. Yeah, they got back to me today too from the email I sent, saying the same thing.